Why SMOKO E-Cigarettes

Many people we meet ask Why e-Cigarettes?

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown rapidly over the last 5 years and now over 3 Million people in the UK have used them to help reduce or eliminate traditional cigarettes from their lives.  With so many incredible benefits compared to cigarettes, it’s baffling why someone would still choose to smoke a normal cigarette. 

So here are some of the reasons why you should switch from your current brand of cigarettes to SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes:

So Much Healthier for You

We all know cigarettes are bad for us but most people don’t know they contain over 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens.  More importantly, smoking related diseases are the leading preventable cause of death in the world.  Smoking leads to numerous health issues like heart attacks, strokes, chronic breathing disorders, cancers and can reduce someone’s quality of life substantially.  In fact, over 800,000 people a year die of smoking related diseases in the UK and across Europe.  And for every 1 person who dies, another 30 people are being treated for smoking related diseases.  That’s over 21,000,000 people a year seeking medical treatment due something that is completely preventable. 

Public Health England recently stated that "e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful that normal cigarettes"!

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes have over 99% less ingredients than cigarettes including Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine (used in candy, gum, soft drinks, fat-free ice cream and cake mixes), Food Flavouring (found in most of our food) and Nicotine (which is the only reason why we smoke). 

So what would you rather put into your body?  The 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens or 4 ingredients that are used in everyday items you already consume? 

No Tar or Second Hand Smoke

Unfortunately when we smoke it is not only affecting us, but it also can have a massive impact on those around us.  Breathing in other people's smoke, or passive smoking, can cause cancer. Passive smoking can increase a non-smoker's risk of getting lung cancer by 25%,and may also increase the risk of cancers of the larynx and throat.  Second-hand smoke can cause other health problems too, including heart disease, stroke and breathing problems. It’s estimated that second-hand smoke kills over 12,000 people in the UK from lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and the lung disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) annually.  So even for those people who don’t smoke, being around cigarettes can have a detrimental impact on our lives.

As SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes do not contain tobacco or tar, the impact of second hand smoke is dramatically reduced.  We still don’t recommend using e-cigarettes within close proximity of others like in a car, but by eliminating the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens that are found in cigarettes, it is certainly a much safer option. 

No Smell

One of the biggest complaints we hear with smoking cigarettes is the smell.  That lingering stale smell of an ashtray that seems to follow you everywhere. it lingers on your on your clothes, in your hair, on your breath, in your home and in your car. It doesn’t matter how many mints or mouthwash you use, it’s always there.  No matter how much perfume or cologne you spray on your clothes, the smell of cigarettes still overpowers it.  All the air freshener in the world doesn’t seem to get rid of the funk in your house.  And the worst thing, is that when you smoke you only notice a fraction of the smell.  For those around us who don’t smoke, the stench is 10 times worse. 

With SMOKO E-Cigarettes, there is virtually zero smell.  So once you switch to SMOKO, your breath will be fresher, your clothes will smell better and the odour in your home and car will also improve dramatically.  All of these are great benefits of kicking the cigarettes and swapping to electronic cigarettes.

So Much More Convenient

Back 20 years ago when you could virtually smoke anywhere – on planes, in the office, at the pub – smoking was as easy as breathing, and so many people were doing it.  Since the implementation of No Smoking laws banning smoking in public spaces that came into effect in 2007, a night out at the pub has become a night standing outside your local instead of inside enjoying the festivities with your friends!   No longer is it legal to smoke in the workplace.  And most people would never dream of letting you smoke in their homes!

Because SMOKO E-Cigarettes contain zero tobacco, they do not fall under these No Smoking laws.  So you can still enjoy your favourite pastime without having to spend the vast majority of your life outside!  Even though some pubs and restaurants may not permit you to use your e-cigarette inside, many do and encourage it.  Let’s face it, they would rather you be inside spending money instead of outside puffing away right?

So Realistic – Even Better Than The Real Thing

One of the hardest things to give up when you quit smoking is the hand-to-mouth action and the hit at the back of your throat.  The downfall for many smoking replacement devices is they don’t give you that same sensation, making it hard for many people to make the switch and stick to it. 

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes have been designed by ex-smokers to replicate that same sensation you get with a normal cigarette.  So you still get the hand-to-mouth action, the same throat hit and even exhale a smoke-like vapour!  So it looks and feels like what you are used to making, it so much easier to make the switch.  However, without any lingering smell and a much “cleaner” vapour compared to cigarettes, SMOKO E-Cigarettes are even better than the real thing!

So Much Cheaper Than Cigarettes

The cost of cigarettes has been increasing every year over the last 20 years and is set to continue to rise.  An average person who smokes 1 pack a day at £9.50/pack could be spending upwards of £3,400 every year. But it’s going to get worse.

A recent proposal by the UK Government and the NHS said the cost of cigarettes will increase to over £15 a pack by 2020.  That is an increase of over 56%!  Recently, the Australian Government announced that annual tax increase of 12.5% on cigarettes will see the cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes skyrocketing to AUD$45!  If you smoke a pack a day and based on these proposed increases, you should prepare to be spending £5,475/year in the UK and AUD$16,425/year by 2020 ...

So in a world where property and petrol prices are getting higher, wages are stagnating and the cost of living continues to climb, continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes will become a financial impossibility for most people. 

On the other hand, using SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes today will only cost you £1.50 to £2.00 a day.  So compared to £9.50 a pack, switching to SMOKO can save you over £2,700 a year.  That’s a lot of money!  An extra 2 family holidays?  Down payment on a brand new car?  A new pair of shoes every week?  As you can see, there are a lot of other things you can be spending you money on!

How much could you save by switching to electronic cigarettes

Why SMOKO vs. Other Brands of E-Cigarettes

Many people don’t realize that the majority of electronic cigarettes that are sold in petrol stations and convenience stores, in grocery stores and on-line all use Chinese-made ingredients.  Most of us recall the scandals that came out of China recently about tainted baby formula or remember the horror stories of lead paint being used on toys. 

We all love locally produced products right?  Irish beef, British lamb, French wine, local produce…. So why would people be content for their e-cigarettes to contain ingredients that are made in Asia?? 

At SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes, we only use the highest-quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK.  We know where the ingredients are from and we know what’s in them.  So with SMOKO be assured you are getting Quality You Can Trust!

So if you have been wondering what all the hype is about electronic cigarettes and why so many people are using them, hopefully these are some very compelling reasons to try SMOKO E-Cigarettes today.  So do yourself a huge favour and check out our Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits today!

If you need any more reasons, come try it for yourself at one of our locations and speak to our staff.  And read some of our reviews for feedback from our customers.