Why Are SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes Better For Your Body?

Electronic Cigarette Health Benefits

Why is SMOKO Better For Your Body?

Most normal cigarettes contain over 4,000 added chemicals & over 50 known carcinogens including some of the following: Lead (a metal), Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust), Tar (material used to make roads), Carbon Dioxide , Methonal, Arsenic (rat poison), Methorpene (a pesticide), Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies), Butene (lighter ­fluid), Cyanide (deadly poison), Ammonia (used in cleaning products), Hydrogen Cyanide (poison), Acetone (nail polish remover), DDT (insecticides), Cadmium (used to recharge batteries) and Freon (used in Refrigerators) to name a few.  All really nasty stuff!

So if someone was to put all of these into a glass and asked you to drink it – would you? And yet every time we smoke, we are consciously putting these items into our bodies – our bodies which should be our temples! Incredible that a product that contains so many additives, chemicals and bad things are allowed to be sold for human consumption! Mindblowing.

However, SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes contain only 4 ingredients that are all pharmaceutical and consumption grade:

Propylene Glycol – is used in cake mixes, salad dressings, soft drinks, popcorn, fat-free ice cream and sour cream, Glycerol – is used in candy, gum and lotions, and of course the amazing Flavouring - to give SMOKO it’s great taste! And of course Nicotine – this is the only reason why we smoke!

So it seems pretty obvious which is Better For Your Body. Great taste and the nicotine kick you want without any of the bad things in traditional cigarettes... So what are you waiting for - click here to start treating yourself right!