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electronic cigarette starter kit



You will receive

A SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit with Metal Case
2 Original flavour Refills
1 Rechargeable Battery
1 USB Charger

£24.99 Regular Price


VAPE electronic cigarette starter kit



You will receive

A SMOKO Vape E-Cig Starter Kit with Metal Case
1 Original Pre-filled tank
1 Rechargeable Battery
1 USB Charger

£24.99 Regular Price 

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Are you ready to change your life forever?

This is your chance to try one of the UK's Premium Brands of E-Cigarettes for FREE!
Simply pay the UK Postage and Packaging and you join the tens of thousands of people across the UK and around the world who have ALREADY discovered the benefits of living life smoke-free!

SMOKO is the UK's Premium E-Cigarettes and can change your life FOREVER!  Are you still smoking and getting sick and tired of all of the issues you get with cigarettes?  The smell?  The cost?  How it makes you feel?  Worried about your health? How it effects your family?  

Wouldn't it be amazing to find a product that gives you the exact same sensation as a cigarette but without all of the issues that you get with cigarettes?  

SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes is a life-changing product that:

  1. Delivers a realistic smoking sensation,
  2. Has 99% less of the 4,000 harmful chemicals and 50 known carcinogens found in a cigarette, 
  3. Uses only the highest quality, UK-Made ingredients (most e-cigarettes use Chinese-made ingredients), 
  4. Eliminates the nasty smell that your normal cigarettes leave and,
  5. Will help you save over £2,500 every year

If you are looking to make a healthier change then SMOKO is definitely for you! And we are so sure you will love it, you can get a SMOKO Starter Kit for FREE! Simply pay for the UK Postage and Packaging and you will be ready to experience the UK's Premium E-Cigarette for yourself.

  • Stylish and Realistic

    SMOKO's E-Cigarette Starter Kit has been designed to look realistic and stylish. It's small, compact and easy to use. Designed by ex-smokers to help people like yourself who are looking to change their lives.

    What you get with your FREE SMOKO Starter Kit:

    - 1 x SMOKO Rechargeable Battery
    - 2 x Original Flavoured Refills (approx. 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine/Refill)
    - 1 x USB Charger
    - Stylish designer metal case

    Our Regular Price for a Starter Kit is £24.99. But with this LIMITED TIME OFFER you only pay £5.95 for UK Postage and Packaging! Everything you need to get started with the UK's Premium E-Cigarette Brand...

  • How does the SMOKO E-Cigarette work?

    How It WorksSMOKO has been designed with the leading e-cigarette technologies to deliver a realistic smoking sensation, consistent vapour and amazing taste with every puff!

    Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and pre-filled Flavour Refills with a built-in Atomizer, SMOKO's e-liquids that are all Made in the UK are vapourized efficiently to deliver a consistent and satisfying smoke-like vapour! Small, stylish and realistic smoking sensation - what more could you ask for?

free starter kit

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes different from other e-cigarettes?

The majority of electronic cigarettes brands use ingredients that are all made in China.  SMOKO does things very differently. All of our nicotine, ingredients and flavours we use in our e-liquids are made with the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are all MADE IN THE UK so you know you are getting the best product on the market.

A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health claim 75% of flavoured e-cigarettes contain diacetyl, a flavouring chemical linked to cases of severe respiratory disease including “pop-corn lung".  SMOKO's e-liquids are all free of Diacetyl, Acetoin and Pentanedione!  Quality you can trust!

2. Are E-Cigarettes better than smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco?

According to a recent study by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful then normal cigarettes!  Traditional cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens.  

SMOKO contains only 4 high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK.  SMOKO contains Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (used in candy, gum, soft drinks, fat-free ice cream and cake mixes), Food Flavouring (found in most of our food) and Nicotine (which is the only reason why we smoke).  

So by eliminating over 99% of the harmful ingredients, it's no wonder that over 3 million people in the UK have made the switch to e-cigarettes!

3. How much money can I save by switching to SMOKO?

We all know how expensive cigarettes are.  You would be lucky to get much change out of £10 for a pack of cigarettes.  The average person who smokes 1 pack of Marlboro Lights a day would be spending £3,372.50 every year.  

Switching to SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes would work out to be about £2 a day. That works out to an annual savings of over £2,700 every year!!  Imagine what you can do with that extra disposable income...

Over the next 4 years you could look to save over £10,000!  So if you are tired of all of your hard earned money going up in smoke (literally!), than SMOKO makes incredible financial sense.

How much could you save by switching to SMOKO

4. Do e-cigarettes smell as bad as normal cigarettes?

Unlike normal cigarettes that leave a nasty smell everywhere, SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes have virtually ZERO smell. So your clothes, your hair and your breath won't smell of stale cigarettes any more.

5. Are SMOKO E-Cigarettes legal to use?

Because SMOKO does not contain any tar or tobacco, they do not fall under the current anti-smoking laws in the UK and are legal to use almost anywhere. Whether it's at your favourite restaurant, your local pub, at the nightclub or at the bingo hall, at the office or at home, SMOKO can be enjoyed without upsetting those around you.

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What are Satisfied Customers are saying about SMOKO


"I smoked 30 a day for 20 years or more till I got pains in my leg, not knowing what it was I went to hospital and found out if I didn't stop smoking I would lose a leg. That day was 2 years ago and now using SMOKO saved my leg! they are a great comfort, so thanks SMOKO!" Andrew, Scotland

"I started with SMOKO a year and 2 months ago and have never looked back. I am asthmatic with health issues, and I couldn’t climb up the stairs without stopping for air, or walk the dog for more than 10 minutes. Since I started using SMOKO I have not touched my inhaler for 9 months and I can actually breathe. They have amazing flavours and strengths, plus friendly advice and help along the way" Frank, Tunbridge Wells, UK

“I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, I did that for about 30 years until I started using SMOKO last year. I think I have saved over £3,000 so far with SMOKO, I love the value for money but the best thing is being able to use it anywhere.”
Stuart, Uxbridge, UK

I was a smoker for 30 years,loved my cigarettes and thought I could never give them up. I was introduced to SMOKO on the 10th March 2013 and smoked my last real cigarette on 16th March 2013. Not only do I not need to smoke now, I don't even want to. SMOKO has changed my life. Thank you!" Geraldine, Ireland

So what are you waiting for?


  • So if you are ready to make a life-changing decision and you want to try the UK's Premium E-Cigarette that is trusted by thousands of people across the UK and around the world, then we are going to make it really easy for you.

    Our normal price for our SMOKO Starter Kit is £25! But with this LIMITED TIME OFFER, you can get your SMOKO Starter Kit for FREE!! Simply pay £5.95 for the UK Postage and Packaging to get started.

    And let's face it, what are your normal cigarettes really doing for you? Ridiculously expensive! Really bad for our health! Full of nasty chemicals and cancer-causing ingredients! Bad breath and a lingering smell! How could any of that be good for you?

    So why not join the tens of thousands of people who used to smoke just like you, who have already CHANGED THEIR LIVES and switched to SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes today!

    Restrictions - you must be 18 years old +. UK Delivery Only. SMOKO contains nicotine. Not suitable for non-smokers.