How Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits could help save the NHS

There is no debate that smoking places an unnecessary strain on the services provided by the NHS every year. It has been an ongoing issue and a long lasting debate regarding how much it actually costs the NHS, but a research conducted in 2006 estimated that smoking accounted for anywhere from £2.5B and £6B.

Before we delve any deeper into this mystery, it is important to note that people don’t simply get admitted to the hospital for ‘smoking’ but rather due to a series of related illness and symptoms. The symptoms can range anywhere from chronic coughing to worst case scenarios like cancer, so it is with great uncertainty that these researches are conducted.

However, though uncertain, there is no doubt that smoking is a big problem for the NHS. Smoking in general is the leading killer of preventable death in the UK with about half of life-long smokers dying prematurely. Smoking can also be attributed to a loss of about 10 years of life to a pack a day smoker. Smoking kills more people then obesity, alcohol, illegal drugs, road accidents and HIV infections combined. In 2013 17% of all deaths of adults aged 35 and over in England were estimated to be attributed to smoking (this makes up to about 1 in 6 deaths).

With such staggering statistics about the general damage caused by smoking, there is not a single doubt that smoking related patients account for a very large portion of the NHS’s funding. In fact the number of admissions related to smoking has been on the rise since 1996/1997, most likely due to the older generation of smokers beginning to experience the effects of their bad habits. In 2008/2009 there was an estimated 1.5 million hospital admissions of which the primary diagnosis was a disease related to smoking.

Even though smoking is reducing in popularity every day, it is still the leading cause of death and diseases in the UK. Another impact on the wider UK economy, smoking causes roughly £2.5bn in sick leave and loss of productivity to businesses.

An Oxford university team of researchers found that in 2005, smoking accounted for one in five deaths and a significantly higher number of disabilities in the UK. As mentioned, this number is always on the rise every year and equates to about 5.5% of the entire NHS budget.

Treating smoking related cancer costs the NHS roughly £0.6bn a year and cardiovascular diseases costs £2.5bn a year more. This is also added with treatment for long-term lung conditions which costs a further £1.4bn.

It is vital to note that these estimates are slightly inaccurate but are also likely to be underestimated. Other research has also been conducted to attempt to estimate the cost of smoking related illness to the NHS, many of which resulted in a much higher number than stated in this article. Each research project was conducted using a different approach to calculate the cost, as it is impossible to accurately calculate with such a large data set.

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