Our friend at Superior Electronic Cigarette took the time to review our Standard Starter Pack. He’s reviewed pretty much every brand out there, so we really wanted to know what he thought.

You can watch his video review and, as usual, we’ve got a little summary below to give a round up of his thoughts. (Video no longer available.)

“The great thing about SMOKO is they offer free shipping over £20, which is really good - can’t really complain!

“It comes with their Regular flavour, which I think is more like a pineapple-y sort of flavour - like a pina colada. It doesn’t taste like tobacco in my opinion but is really pleasant.

“SMOKO gives pretty good vapour and a nice throat hit. It takes a couple of hours to charge fully and lasts a decent amount of time.

“I really like their flavours. They’re all made in the UK and I really like that, it’s supporting UK businesses and you’re getting something made in the UK rather than e-juice that’s made elsewhere. They’re pretty inventive with their flavours:

“Chockywocky is really nice, similar to SkyCig Crown Tobacco; Bananarama tastes like those foam banana sweets you used to get as a kid and Absinthe is a pretty cool flavour and has that licorice taste - it’s really quite pleasant.

“Havana is the flavour that tastes the most like tobacco. It’s quite nice - not my favourite SMOKO flavour but if you like tobacco flavour then go for this.

“The Roast Chicken the oddest. I thought it was strange when I first saw it so I gave it a bit of a try and started to warm to it. Maybe because it’s different. If you get a bag of chicken crisps and inhale them - that’s the flavour you’re getting. Inventive, quite odd. Weird having a food flavour but if you like the crisps, you’ll like these.

“They also do Energy and other fruit flavours like Apple and Menthol. So, they have a great selection of flavours but only one battery in their kit. It would be nice if they did a kit with a spare battery and a wall charger. But it’s not the most expensive, it’s probably one of the better value ones on the market. If you’re looking to try e-cigs on the cheap and you’re into crazy flavours you’re probably going to find it pretty good.”