Electronic Cigarettes could save electronics as well as your health?


Recently a story was published in the Daily Mail about a couple who when their TV broke the company who they had the warranty with refused to replace it. On the face of it there seems to be nothing special about this, just a big company refusing to do what they should. However the reason that the warranty was refused is the interesting part… they were both smokers.


Panasonic, the maker of the TV, claim that in the three years the couple have had the £800 television they smoked so much next to it they have damaged the screen, and so the warranty doesn’t apply.  Panasonic explained that with all new TV’s there are vents which cool down the screen, and if the screen is exposed to smoke for a long period of time the edges will start to fade and go to black. Not exactly the thing you want from your fancy new flat screen. The couple readily admit that they each smoke about 20 cigarettes a day each but as they didn’t always smoke in the room and had the window open they didn't think it would be an issue.


That’s the thing about smoking, it costs you in so many different ways, most of them you don’t see coming. Even when you try and take precautions smoke will wind its way into everything, your clothes, hair, and in this case, your electronics. For the couple then they were offered a new television at cost price and bought it for £500, just another cost of smoking.


Can you imagine then how much money they could save if they made the switch? If we break it down they both spend (roughly) £9.50 each a day or if we talk about yearly they are spending almost £3,500 or £7000 for the two of them. If they made the switch they could save over £6000 a year! With the extra money they could have bought 7 new TV’s a year and still have money to spare. In the 5 years they had the warranty for the TV if they had used SMOKO instead of cigarettes they could have saved themselves £30,000 or more (and a 42 inch television)!


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To read the Daily Mail article go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3535536/Panasonic-refuse-fix-couple-s-broken-800-42-inch-flat-screen-TV-smoke-20-cigarettes-day.html