Reasons to Switch to a UK E-Cig

E-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than smoking - that is according to Public Health England and the Royal College of Medicine. However, despite gaining support from these high-profile public bodies, e-cigarettes are still widely criticised as being unhealthy and dangerous. This is grossly unfair,misleading and means many smokers will not even try an e-cigarette because they falsely believe them to be harmful. However, e-cigarettes are fundamentally better for you than smoking.



You can save a lot of money by switching to e-cigarettes. The standard cost of a packet of 20 traditional cigarettes is around £8 to £9.50. Buying one pack per day for a month equals a total spend of £240 to £285. Wasting this amount of money each month is not good for your lifestyle, your pocket or your long term health. As an expensive daily item, regular cigarette purchasing can have very real financial implications. Few of us can afford to throw £240+ a month away – and this could be the difference between eating healthily, having a gym membership, a newer car, amazing family holiday or fun new hobby. By switching to e-cigarettes you could save up to £225 every month – that’s a lot of dosh to invest in your own personal health and wellbeing.


Smoking is terrible for you. It leads to an increased risk of severe illnesses like cancer and heart disease. There have been countless studies that have conclusively proven the severe harm caused by smoking. In comparison, so many studies about e-cigarettes show they are a much better alternative. Public Health England has suggested they are 95% healthier but some smaller studies have suggested slightly lower figures. Either way, there is no doubt that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. We of course go even further and make sure that all our liquids are made in the UK and are tested above and beyond current regulations, ensuring that e-cigarettes really are the healthier option.


Cigarette smoke is not an attractive eau de toilette but e-cigarettes are. It sticks to everything and creates a permanent cloud around you. Smelling like cigarettes all day every day is not a good way to live. It makes you look unkempt and tells the world that you do not care about your appearance. Switching to SMOKO gets rid of this problem, instead of stinking of cigarettes people will comment on how nice your vapour actually smells if they smell anything at all.


People who smoke tend to exercise less, studies have shown.  According to the American Heart Association, “he deterioration of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems due to smoking limits your ability to exercise and participate in sports”.  When you smoke your organs are deprived of oxygen, including your muscles, which cannot withstand the demands of physical exercise. When you switch to electronic cigarettes, your body gets more oxygen, you have increased levels of energy and will be able to exercise longer!


E-cigarettes are not only safer for your body, they are safer for everyone and everything around you. Smoking is the most common cause of house fires leading to fatalities in the UK.  Annually, there are over 2,700 house fires caused by smoking, killing over 87 people and causing over £259m in damage according to a report by ASH. Simply by not burning something in the home, this risk is automatically reduced. There have been a few reported incidents of e-cigarettes exploding but this is generally due to owners not caring for devices properly. So far there have been nothing but minor injuries from these explosions either.

So if you want to make the switch to a healthier, cheaper lifestyle take a look at our range of starter kits and some great deals to get you started!

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